Private Fees

We have a full list of treatment fees and at your dental appointment we will discuss treatment choices including prices.


New patient examination (including x-rays) £60
Routine examination (including x-rays if required) £45
Routine examination (including x-rays if required) with simple Dentist clean  £65
Emergency visit (including x-rays if required) £50 plus the cost of treatment

Hygiene and cleaning

Hygienist visit £57
Direct access Hygiene (if you have not seen one of our dentists within the last 12 months) £77
Air polishing (stain removal) £77
Direct Access Air polishing £97

Tooth repair and fillings

Tooth coloured filling from £120
Amalgam filling from £90
Inlay/Onlay from £500
Crowns from £450
Crown re-cement £45


Porcelain bonded crown £500
Metal crown £450
E-max crown from £550
Zirconia crown from £650
Crown recement £45


Tooth extraction from £90
Surgical extraction from £200

Tooth replacement

Acrylic dentures from £400
Cobalt-chrome (metal) dentures from £850
Dental bridge from £500 per unit
Dental Implant & Crown £2400

Teeth whitening

Boutique whitening £400
Top up syringes (Boutique) £20 each
Teeth whitening consultation £60 (includes examination)

Teeth Straightening

Online virtual consultation Free
Full Orthodontic Assessment (includes 3D scan) £50
Fixed appliance from £1595
Invisalign clear aligners from £1495
Removable retainers (standard) £110 each
Zendura removable retainers £150 each
Fixed bonded retainers £225 each


Porcelain veneers £650 each
Direct composite veneers / composite bonding from £250 per tooth

Dental Implants

Implant consultation £80
Dental Implant & Crown £2400
Bone Graft £350


Soft night guard £120
Hard night guard £150
Sports guard from £100
Snoring appliance £400

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